Hello, we are Andreea and Laur, a couple of young yet very skilled skippers.

Among us, Laur has more… seniority :), 16 years he practiced professional yachting at “Students Sport” Club in Bucharest during which time he won several titles including that of Balkan champion in 2010. He also won the National Championship 6 years in a row starting with 2009. In the last three years, Laur focused more on cruising reaching over 15,000 miles at sea, majority in the Black Sea as a charter skipper, but also in sailing expeditions in Marmara, Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas and in Atlantic and Indian oceans.P1000070

The longest expedition attended was held in April 2013. Along with two friends he traveled 3,300 miles from Brest (France) till Mangalia, with sailboat Simina 2 (model Elan 34, 11 meters long). Their objective was to sail without stopping and only by wind. They did this for 21 days, when they were forced to stop after a force 10 storm  they encountered in the Mediterranean. A week later, they moored in the port of Mangalia with joy and a lot of nautical tales.

I, Andreea, discovered the passion for sailing four years ago, in a family vacation. when I sailed from Mangalia to Istanbul. The next summer, I went to SetSail sailing school  and, once finished courses, I began to spend increasingly more time at sea. In 2015 I took the exam for sailing license and became a skipper.

The summer of 2015 brought a first for me and Laur: we went in our first expedition together 🙂 From Livorno (Italy) P1000106to Mangalia, with a racing sailboat, Farr 40, we sailed for 11 days. With other seven sailing enthusiasts we lived a fascinating experience: landed only three times for supply, we didn’t communicate with anyone outside the team and for the first time in our lives, we used our cell phone just for pictures: ).
As you can see, we have good memories and we are determined to build hundreds more in the next years :). But not only for us, but also to you! Come with us and you will understand exactly what we’re saying 🙂
One day or half a day cruises, weekend getaways, holidays (one week or two, as many as your time allows  :)), parties (on different occasions or for no reason), teambuilding – for all we guarantee quality time and memorable experiences.

In case you need further information, call us, write us or let’s  sit for a coffee. Or rum, like real sailors :).

Welcome onboard!

Andreea and Laur